Your favorite SMS and MMS text messages are no longer stranded on your phone!
  • Transfer text threads to your email account (up to 5 addresses at once)
  • From there, save them to your PC as backup and to free storage space
  • MMS support! Attach MMS images to the emails you extract
  • Print your texts! Forward messages to your email and print them, convert to a Word file, etc
  • Plain text & HTML format options — export your texts in style, and embed images directly in the message!
  • No limitations — select any and all threads to send
  • Filter by date range — only save the messages you need

Need Help Backing Up Texts?

Create a record of all your past conversations for security and peace of mind. Send entire threads via email, or save a local copy on your Android phone.

Need a Hard Copy?

Perhaps you're old fashioned, or you need to print out a record for legal proceedings. Simply choose which threads to use, email them to yourself, and print.

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Backup text conversations.

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Email Text Messages—the easy way to backup text messages and send them from your phone to your email account, computer, or to another person.


Best text to email app I have seen...It worked perfectly maintaining dates and times. I highly recommend.
—Daniel B.
Simple, easy to use and quick email.
—Hunter K.
I love this app and look forward to using it for many other reasons and to save important threads.
—Glenn P.

Save texts to your computer with this app.

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Customize the Style

Choose colors, font styles, layout and more! Formats are saved for future use and can be modified at any time. Additionally, HTML formats have optional emoticon support.

Keep Your Pictures, Too

If the thread you choose contains MMS image attachments, they will be sent along with your emailed text messages. Why settle for less than a complete backup of your conversations?



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